"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tullius Cicero


Naomi Diamond Prince

Naomi Diamond Prince

The life of Naomi Diamond Prince

Naomi Diamond Prince was born in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 20, 1994 to Debra England and Micheal T. Prince.

The true definition of her name Naomi, meaning pleasant one in hebrew and beautiful in japanese, a little lady,  is was she is affectionately referred to as by several family members. Naomi moved as gracefully as her laugh was. Its was a small soft laugh coupled with her hand over her mouth in true lady like form. She exuded royal princess like mannerisms that just came naturally.

This beautiful bundle of joy arrived bright and early at seven in the morning. Although most babies keep their eyes closed for a while until they adjust, Naomi opened her eyes immediately as if she couldn't wait to see what was in store for her to explore.  She was such a quiet sweet baby, even when her mother took her for her first doctor's appointment, her mother not looking like she had a baby at all, and Naomi was sitting so still in her sitter that nurse walked by them the first time thinking the mother was waiting for someone else who had an appointment.  Finally when Naomi's mother asked the nurse if she was next, the nurse responded very surprised  "you have a baby?"  Her mother responded "yes", and pointed to Naomi, and the nurse exclaimed "I thought she was a doll sitting over there!"

A doll she was indeed! Naomi was  always a sweet soft spoken little girl whom many always gravitated to from young to old. Being that her mother worked while attending college, Naomi was also raised by her grandmother, Janet England, whom would take her to elementary school in the morning along with her uncle Terrance, whom was only one year older than Naomi. Her afternoons would be filled with grandma's cooking and playtime with Terrance, Michael, her other uncle just a few years older than Naomi; and her aunt's, Tamika and Tanya, whom loved and adored her.  She loved to dance, play with her many dolls and toys and be with her mommy when she returned home.

Naomi attended P.S. / I.S. 184 The Newport Street Scool, where she thrived academically and socially. This is when she started to bloom into the personality that would take the world by delight. She completed middle school awarded with various certificates and medals that spoke to her dedication and intelect. Naomi then attended Erasmus Hall High school Academy of Hospitality & Tourism where she was also received awards for her achievements, such as the city Council Citation Speaker's Achievement Award for being an outstanding student and citizen, a certificate for Excellence in English and many other various certificates. Naomi later went on to attend Medgar Evers College in Hope's to disvover what she would have a deep passion for in pursuit of a career.

During that time, Naomi worked along side her mother as her assistant for Little Stars & Bright Futures Childcare. Naomi and her mother were very close. Her mother loved and was very proud and confident in Naomi, and she wanted to set Naomi up for success in life by exposing her to entrepreneurship. Her mother knew that if she gave Naomi the proper tools, that Naomi would be self sufficient no matter what she decided to do in her life. Naomi's mother also allowed Naomi to use the daycare as her very own first apartment being that it had an additional bedroom and the other spaces were easy to convert for personal use in the evening. They were a tag team duo. Every course her mother would take she would make sure that Naomi would have the same courses as well to ensure that the children would have premium care at all times. Naomi ran the daycare as if it were he own. She was a natural with children and a sweetheart to all the parents that adored her. Naomi was a great partner to her mother that made running her business a delight. The daycare was a success. Every child that would graduate and move on to preschool in the area would know when a student was from Little Stars, because of how well prepared they all were exceeding preschool level. Naomi worked with children until her mother closed the daycare in New York in 2016.

Although she loved working with children, Naomi decided she wanted to experience more out of life and begin to spread her wings and test the waters of the corporate workforce. Naomi had many jobs often 2 jobs at a time. There was nothing she couldn't accomplish that she set her mind to. She got hired for jobs that the average person would have needed a degree or years of experien in, but it had to be a blessing from the Lord that as soon as people would meet her, she was hired! From Paraprofessional, Dental Assistant, Tourist guide, to starting of as a Dietary aid quickly being promoted to management level at a hospital. Naomi was an excellent worker who always would quickly be recognized for her skillset and promoted accordingly. Her kindness was always mentioned by anyone that she helped. She was even acknowledged by a lengthy letter written by a visitor who went to the World Trade Observitory in NYC where Naomi worked at the time as a Tour Guide. In the letter about Naomi the visitor expressed how touched she was by Naomi's kindness. This letter was featured on a huge screen in acknowledgement of Naomi going above an beyond her duties. It really spoke to how Naomi was with anyone she would meet. Working alongside many retired Police Officers at One World Trad, Naomi grew an interest in pursuing a career as a School Safety Agent. She then applied for the Police Academy for training.  She had gone through all the entire process for training, however, she was still waiting for acception into the academy. Meanwhile she landed a job as a Dietary Aid at Jersey City Medical Center of which she was quickly promoted to management. This would be Naomi's last place of employment, as a Food Service Managing Leader in the Dietary Department. Despite hoapitals being inidated with patients due to the Covid pandemic Naomi refused to leave because of her dedication to her job and those that she served felt strongly that she served. She said that she loved the patients there and It made her feel like she had a purpose which was helping people and putting a smile on their face.

As Naomi matured, so did her interest fashion and the finer things in life. Naomi became an official fashionista. She had impeccable taste and a keen eye for High end decor. Her home was streamline modern which was so immaculate you could open any draw, cupboard or closet and not find one thing out of order. Not only did she keep her home spotless, but the aroma from her apartment would permeate outside of her door to the point that if people passing by  her apartment would catch her coming out they would ask what she used for her home to smell so good.  She always smelled amazing as well, her signature perfume was Zara's Twilight Mauve which aunt Tamika introduced her to.

Naomi loved to spend time with her family and eat, go out with friends and eat; and she enjoyed traveling and cooking at home, which she was phenomenal at doing because guess why? She loved to eat!  It was at the tender age of about 8 that after eating at a buffet for the first time that Naomi asked her mother if they could have a buffet in their home! You would have thought all that good eating would go straight to her waistline, but to the contrary,  Naomi had a beautiful shape with a beautiful personality to match. All that good home cooking between her mother and her grandmother rubbed off because Naomi became a phenomenal cook. She was so good at it, at one time she use to sell dinners to her friends, sharing he joy of good food. She loved taking pictures and  striking a pose in her latest fashion ensembles. She loved to laugh and would constantly send her mother and her aunts funny videos to watch so they could have a big laugh too. She told her aunt Tamika, at At 9 years old that she knew what she wanted in her future. She said that wanted her house to look like a hotel, have a chef and plenty of food to eat. She worked hard for everything she wanted and  in her 27 years of life lived she obtained exactly what she desired minus the chef but she ate at the best restaurants instead.

At the request of her mother, knowing how much Naomi was working and they were missing eachother, she and Naomi made plans to spend more time together. It would be one very special Sunday, that Naomi and her mother would attend church service at Faith Deliverance Worship Center, that on December 29, 2019, Naomi would give her life to the Lord and be saved! It was a beautiful day of rejoicing and hugs and tears all around the church Naomi cried tears of joy and relief as she continued to do everytime her mother would pray with her.

Her reverence for God was not only acknowledged in prayer but also in the quotes of encouragement and wisdom she would post for all of her friends to read on her social media.

Naomi was a beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and friend. He grandmother would always say that Naomi gave her flowers while she was living. Never could anyone imagine she would leave this soon. Naomi graced us with her presence and permiated the room with her light and left us all with sweet memories to last a lifetime. Often times we dont realize when somebody is doing ministry because it's not how we envisioned ministry to be done. It may come of as an ordinary conversation or just being in the presence of that person in some way makes such an impact, that we are forever changed. People like Naomi walk in their purpose and just simply be the vessel of light that God choose them to be. They may not walk around quoting scriptures, but they exemplify what love, forgiveness, empathy and giving is supposed to look like. We are not always privy to beiring witness to when God is training somebody, and we often don't realize when we are being battle tested until we are in the thick of it all. The scripture in the book of 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 says that :

9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

Naomi allowed the power of Christ to rest upon her in her infirmity. She weatherd the storm and came out victoriously on the other side. As much as Naomi loved us it is believed that when she got a glimpse of the other side that she did not want to leave the presence of her Heavenly Father, The Most High Almighty God, the I Am.

Naomi leaves to cherish her memory, her mother Debra England, her father, Michael T. Prince, grandparents, Janet England, Myles McLean, siblings Ebony Garrett, keisha Garrett, Dorian Prince, Trinity, Ijahna L. Sellassie and Alonzo T. Louis, aunts, Tamika Johnson,Tanya Johnson, uncles, Terrance England and Michael Johnson, David Ellerby, Derrick Ellerby, a host of grand uncles, aunts, a multitude of cousins, extended family members and friends.

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