"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tullius Cicero


Rohan Thompson

Rohan Thompson

Rohan Thompson was born to Marlene Hurd and David Thompson, on September 21, 1979, the oldest of two boys between both parents.   From the time of his birth Rohan bought joy and laugher into all our lives and the lives of others. Rohan was always up to something a prankster at heart, always mischievous. My grandmother Hyacinth Hurd can always he heard echoing the name “Coolie Boy” whenever he gives trouble or misbehave. “coolie Boi” was just one of Rohan’s pet names.

John Shewi as he was affectionately called, was a very shy person with a grin wide as the ocean and laughter as if he was a karate expert.

My relatives can be quite hilarious. As a boy growing up Rohan, and kirk Marline, eldest sister Dor son got into a fight. The two boys fight suh till dem tiad. Rohan could not take it anymore and ran to complained to his mother “Marline’. Marline went to Dor her eldest siter and said “Dor yuh si how yuh pickney beat up mi son”  Dor then replied “kirk don’t be cruel to dumb animals” Marline now surprised by what dor said responded “Dor a mi pickney ya call dumb animal” laughter then broke between both sisters. Even to date the two sisters laugh uncontrollably when they remember the incident.

Three cousins, Chantelle, Rohan, and Randy growing up all would attend the same primary school and of course john shewi father, who is pet name is Bunny. Bunny was known to us as the bike taxi that carried all three cousins to school and him mek four pan the little bike. Anyhow one evening, coming home from school we were stopped by a police officer. “why so many of you on the bike, I am going to lock you up. And of course, his shy son Rohan had nothing to say, but his cousin chantelle with tears wailed at the police “please affisah please nuh lock him up is mi cousin fada and a mi one uncle mi have” the affisah respond by saying “you lucky di likkle girl beg fi yuh and went his way.”


Rohan and his brother Randy attended the salvation army church in middle of downtown Kingston, Jamaica. The back bench in the church was owned by Rohan and his brother, Sunday dinner was always their propriety. They would be the first to get home from church.

If there is ever a Sunday that he decided on skipping church all cousins would follow, he was a leader of his pack. Since his migration not one of his pack members attended church

Rohan greatest legacy amongst today his four kids, wonderful gifts that he leaves behind, “being a father” was always top of his list. A nurturing father to all his kids, he always ensures that he was present in each of their lives. At his passing I had the opportunity of spending time with all, sadden by the impact that his death had on them individually brought me to tears. I can see that they had great love for their father.

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